a project for anthology 2015 selection

at CHARLIE SMITH LONDON,336 Old Street, London EC1V 9DR, United Kingdom.

 My work often combines photography and sculpture .This new body of work called „SPRUCED UP“ has its source in photographs of groups of individuals in the early 2oth century. like in this case a group of schoolmates of grammar school in hinterbrühl the 1920thes.It shows how society is using the media to shape an image which is worth to represent the memory of people. unconsciously showing its attitude towards diversity and individuality.I focus on the time,the pose,the character and the projection, which leads me from a past to a present object.

The spruce is a common tree, here in the so called Viennese Woods.
I use it as symbol of time by mixing the structure of the growth rings to the portrait.As if they had constantly expanded the frozen time of the photographic moment.Taking portrait-pictures is not only about freezing time, it is also about freezing somebody in a pose he or she has mostly not chosen on their own.
My intention is to connect with the characters melt the pose and the moment of the photo into a new object,a free standing bas- relief which nearly is flat as the picture,but slightly starting to embody itself behind the pose.! Up to the final stage the characters are changing all the time and interact with my interventions,that are sometimes made with fine brushes and sometimes with chainsaw.      Martin Krammer


work in progress: 2015, 2016

"spruced_up"_nr1-13,  watercolor on spruce, dimension all approximately 45 x 25 x 4 CM